Sarah Lightfoot - President

Sarah Lightfoot works actively as a pianist and private piano instructor with experience working in schools, churches, colleges, dance schools, and theater productions. Sarah's belief in the power of the arts to inspire and empower the youth of today led her to complete Creative Facilitation training with PYE Global (Partners for Youth Empowerment). She is always looking for ways to grow arts awareness and bring community together. Sarah lives in Camas with her family and enjoys hiking in the beautiful NW outdoors, worldwide travel, cooking and gardening.

Debbie Lee - Vice President

Debbie Lee is a private piano instructor and collaborative musician. She also has been actively involved in professional organizations servings in different leadership positions, including president of Clark County Music Teachers Association. Debbie’s career has been greatly influenced by several mentors in her life and she hopes to impart her passion and knowledge to the next generation by mentoring students and young adults who are pursuing careers in arts. Debbie enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures, art journaling, and recently began learning watercolor painting. Debbie and her family currently reside in Camas, WA.

Kristin Harper - Secretary

Kristin Harper is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who uses creative arts and movement in her practice to heal relationships and assist individuals in overcoming barriers to personal growth and development. Kristin has personally experienced the therapeutic benefits of music and dance throughout her life and is committed to finding new ways to share her passion for the arts. Kristin enjoys singing with community choirs and is currently taking swing dance classes to quench her thirst for movement and fun.

Carolee Dewars - Treasurer

Carolee is originally from the Southwest, but has lived in Clark County with her husband and two children for 17 years so now considers herself a true Pacific Northwesterner. She works as an advisory CFO, contracting with small businesses. She is passionate about contributing to her community and volunteers with a number of organizations. Carolee has been involved with organizations that support education and children for more than 15 years. She believes that the arts play a vital role in our communities and education systems by stimulating intellectual growth and promoting mental and emotional health.