Schools: Arts in Residence & Teacher Workshops

Enspire Arts offers a series of expressive arts programs for schools. Our programs highlight the science behind the benefits of arts experiences for learning and well-being, as well as providing tools for integrating music & the arts into the classroom to create an inclusive learning environment. Enspire Arts believes the arts are a powerful tool to engage students in their learning, support student wellness and provide the opportunity for meaningful and authentic connections within the classroom.

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Enspire Arts has a new fund that will be reserved for our work in Clark County Schools. The Education Funds subsidizes the cost of programming to ensure quality artists are secured at affordable pricing for schools. Click below and choose “Education Fund” to donate to our school arts fund!

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Our Schools Programs

Arts In Residence

Enspire Arts school programs are a unique mix of the expressive arts, curated with the aim to support emotional wellness and personal growth. Sessions include music, movement, theater, rhythm, art & more. These programs are designed in partnership with school administrators to create a program suited to your school, including length, ages, theme, budget, and goals.

Teacher Workshops

The power of creativity and imagination are amazing tools to support the well-being of your students. Workshops provide teachers with easy to use arts integration tools. In Enspire Arts teacher workshops, you will learn ways to create meaningful connections to engage learners and build community., and experience hands-on activities to gain confidence for implementation in your classroom.


Enspire Arts gave me practical and exciting new strategies to connect with my students, build community in my classroom, engage all learners, and energize my teaching. I was reminded why I love to teach. I was inspired to have fun with my students. I was newly able to ensure my students with exceptional needs would be supported with dignity in my classroom. All of this was made possible after a day long workshop with Enspire. Thank you for bringing back a love for learning and each other.

Jennifer Clary

1st Grade Lacamas Lake NBCT

The workshop stuck in my mind as I went back into the classroom.  We now do a lot of rhythm exercises to regulate the class when the students get a little out of sorts.  I simply start doing a rhythm with my knees and hands and they start following along. We also integrate this rhythm in our morning circle to say what “color” we are on (emotions) for the day.  It helps sharing ideas go quicker.

Danielle Wegener

Teacher, Helen Baller Elementary

I had the pleasure of attending a recent Enspire Arts workshop at a district training and was thrilled with the variety of practical and easy to implement strategies we were provided for immediate use in our classrooms. The workshop atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and struck a perfect balance of hands on activities and instruction. Since the workshop I have implemented more music into my daily classroom routines as well as percussive clapping and stomping during transitions and have noticed that students are more engaged and smiling, and I am too!

Amy Campbell

2020 Washington State Teacher of the Year

Benefits of the Arts


  • Develops empathy
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Fosters mindfullness
  • Benefits physical & emotional health
  • Develops self / co-regulation


  • Develops intelligence
  • Enhances observational skills and interaction with the world
  • Engages the imagination
  • Builds creative & critical thinking skills


  • Communicates across barriers of language, culture & class
  • Builds social cohesion
  • Supports economic growth
  • Conveys beauty
  • Builds synchronicity