After School Arts Exploration Program

Our unique blend of the expressive arts provides opportunity for self reflection, personal growth & fun through singing songs, painting, drawing, storytelling, drama games, dancing, rhythm games & more. By creating a safe space for youth to explore new ideas, take creative risks and connect with others we cultivate an environment for each person to feel seen, heard & valued.

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What happens in an Enspire Arts class?
In each session we combine at least 3-4 art forms, often starting with a rhythm activity to get us in sync with one another. Improvisation activities will follow as a way to open up to one another and playfully take some creative risks. A piece of music or poetry will be used to begin discussion on a topic (emotions, fears, hopes, dreams, values) and we end with a visual art activity as an opportunity to reflect on our discussion.

“I like art because it is inspiration and it makes me less shy.”
“Enspire Arts classes have helped me to be more kind.”
“What I love about art is the projects and the people.
I have become more outgoing.”

“I love art because I get to see my friends. I get to draw and sometimes sing songs.
How I think I’ve become a better person by being in art is I’ve become more creative.”

Sessions are provided free to students through sponsorship from local businesses, foundations, PTA groups and/or private individuals. Contact for more information about bringing this program to your local school.

Thanks so much to iQ For Kids and their sponsorship of supplies for our After School program!