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Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity

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How playing an instrument benefits the brain

Why Music Matters

Improv To Be a Better Human Being

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5 ways to be more creative


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What Are the Arts Good For?

7 science-backed reasons why you should make art, even if you’re bad at it

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The Importance of  Fine Arts Education

10 Reasons for the Arts in Education

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How to Improve Music Classes in a New Era of Education

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Ten Reasons for Music in K-12 Education

Link Between Music and Academic Achievement

Beyond the Classroom

Why Does Music Education Matter

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The Health Benefits of Art

5 Reasons Arts education is good for everyone

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Art Education: Why is it Important

10 Reasons why Art is Good

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11 Important Benefits of Drama

Benefits of Drama

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Theater Education is Vital for Well Rounded Youth Development

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3 Surprising Benefits of Free Writing in the Morning

7 Reasons Why Literature is So Important

10 Benefits that Writing Gives You

6 Unexpected Way that Writing Can Improve Your Health

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Neuroscientists reveal number one exercise slowing aging process

15 Reasons Why All Children Should Learn to Dance

Learning Empathy Through Dance

Dancing Isn’t Just Fun – It’s Good for Your Health

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Wholehearted Attention

Art is the new meditation

Art teaches your brain about mindfulness