Arts Education Benefit: Hope

We share an inspiring article with you today: The Arts Help us Find Comfort, Peace & Unity. You can find this online at It was an article written at the end of 2015 and reflects on the year’s challenges. The article demonstrates how the power of the arts help to build us up and bring communities together after tragedy. The arts can be a powerful tool to promote healing and restoration. It’s now the end of 2021 and it seems clear that we need every tool we can find to help heal after the many challenges we’ve faced due to the pandemic. We are facing health, political & social challenges that we have not experienced before. Our hope is to be a small part of the healing & recovery process and that our programs will uplift and inspire those around us.

“Out of tragedy comes the determination of the human spirit to heal, rebuild, and find peace, and the arts have the power to cultivate hope, to engender and communicate solidarity, and to help transform tragedy into hopeful reminders that beauty and good still exist.”